WOMEN SHALL NOT BE SILENCED! By the author of “Church on a Death Ship”

Abuse begins in the environment of your home! Those unpleasant attitudes and behaviours which jump out against women often begin from their early years. Women can become attuned to these unfavourable conditions and become accustomed to their forces. Unless a woman is understood and respected as a child and teenager, there is no hope. Women need to be protected from their perpetrators or they will never be fully free!

What is required is vigorous education of the male; starting with the turn-around of the “masculinised machinery of the male species.” Women do not need to toe the line. Women do not have to put-up with the shocking rate of violence and sexual abuse that is going on in Australia. We are a nation of mostly well-educated people, but this has not stopped male abuse of women!

In my book “Church on a Death Ship” I clearly show my dominance as a strong female character, shying away from manufacturing more disharmony with my travelling companion. He is told his mental abuse is not welcome. On a cruise you only have one body of law, the reception desk where all abuse matters can be confronted by dobbing in the abuser.

The weakness within the male causes the long-lasting effects of sexual and domestic violence. His insecurity rapidly unfolds before the female’s eyes and she, because she is of weaker physical strength, often relents to the punishment given to her.

Women require to be educated on a higher level to learn how to deal with the masculine perpetrator. He can be charming to start with, and then turn on you; you can survive or you could be dead, or suffer the consequences as a life-long mental illness.

In my book, I am not silenced. I react to the abuse by confronting it immediately. Women need to know their level of tolerance. Women do not have to be silenced! Women need to take charge, be strong, and lead, and if there is fear of a man, leave that space, and you will then be the winner!

Reflecting back on the “2020 trauma” from the beginning of getting into the chauffeur-driven car, to catching the flight, to the ongoing pressures of being with someone who was clearly abusive, but a charmer in front of others, it was difficult to complain. No one saw what he was doing, except me! Until, and there is that moment, when the abuser is caught out!

Calmness along with a calculation of discerning accuracy about a situation is a potent cure! Females need to think, they need to STOP, LOOK, CHECK OUT of the abusive situation, in style, which means like a VIP! Truth, once out, can certainly not be propelled back to poppycock! You win! Smile, laugh and let go! Forgiveness is a miracle in itself!


Author of “Church on a Death Ship.” A memoir of a Covid-19 survival.

Available on: Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au, Kindle, Rakuten Kobo.



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Greta Archbold

Dr Greta Archbold was born in country NSW. She has been successful in business, art, and now writing. She lives in Paddington and enjoys people’s company.